Exploring Your Own City as a Tourist

When people think of travelling, they immediately plug in the names of different cities and towns than the one they are currently in. Of course it’s fun to explore other cities and cultures, but what about your own? Think about it. Can you name all of the historic landmarks? Do you know all of the best places to eat? You probably still find yourself getting lost on streets that you’ve traveled hundreds of times. Though a little embarrassing, it’s completely ok and fixable.

It’s time to start looking at your city through a new perspective. Here’s how to be a tourist in your own town.

Get a Hotel Room
It may sound absurd to spend the night in a hotel room when you have a perfectly good bed of your own just blocks away, but there’s a reason why we suggest booking a hotel room. Nothing gets you in the mood to tour a city better than waking up in a hotel room. It sets the tone for the day. Hotels are synonymous with travelling and the best way to make yourself feel like a tourist in your own city is to do as the tourists do. You don’t need to stay in a fancy hotel. It’s just one night. But making the extra effort is a little fun add-on to the experience.

Take a Historic Tour
You may know how the Liberty Bell cracked or that the Statue of Liberty is really in New Jersey, but these are textbook facts that everyone knows about their city. You can rely on your 5th grade social studies knowledge or you can book a historic tour in your own city to get the real fun facts of your surroundings. Historic Tours are geared toward tourists who have no working knowledge of your city. They go over the history, historic landmarks, notable people, and much more. So, you may find out some facts that you otherwise would never have known. Tour booking is easy, and there are plenty of slots available to work around your schedule.

Visit New Places
You know those places that you keep passing and you think to yourself, “I’ll go there one day”? Yeah, that day is today. Cafes, museums, bars, shops, classes, all of those local places help make up the greatness that is your city. Instead of frequenting the same places day in and day out, give one of the other spots in your city a try. Restaurants and classes are a fun way to explore the different things that your city has to offer. You can easily access any class reservation system online to find a course that interests you. You never know, you may end up finding a class that you’ll stick with.

So, the next chance you get, consider taking some time to explore the city through new eyes like a tourist. You may be surprised.